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Mountain Backpacking & Hiking photography in Gord MacKenzie Trip Reports

Yosemite, San Fran, Panamint Mountains, Zion, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, Mount Whitney, Valley of the Gods...

20+ Wilderness Backpacking Trip Reports with lots of  Landscapes    
High Resolution
Complete Bell High Yearbooks
from 1967 to 1973
and other related stuff such as...
-The unofficial school newspaper...
-new student "manuals"...
(The 50th anniversary
is coming up in 2012)

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1967-1973 Bell High School yearbooks and school newspapers

high resolution photography

Wildlife photographs from the Gatineau Hills in Canada's Capital Region

copies of The Young Naturalist Newsletter from the 60's
Entering the Barron Canyon of Algonquin Park
Other Things of Interest
Wildlife in Gatineau Park
and the surrounding Hills
Young Naturalist
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